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  • El Fogon purchases long vacant Alibi’s space
    This winter, El Fogon will move into one of Ripon’s best known restaurant spaces, one that’s been vacant for a couple years now: the former Alibi’s restaurant on Ripon’s far west side.
  • Cuts expected for Ripon College
    Ripon College is experiencing some financial challenges, and as such, will make budget cuts in the next year so it can continue as a viable, affordable educational opportunity for students.
  • Police offer suggestions on how to stay safe in difficult circumstances
    When a lion hunts, it will attack the limping gazelle before it considers the healthy one at the front of the herd. The same is true for criminals, according to a Ripon Police officer during a recent personal safety training session.
  • Gerald Krueger, age 78, passed away at his home on Friday, November 8, 2019, with family at his side.

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November 2019

Schneider boots Ripon into playoffs
Ripon High School junior Grant Schneider kicks a 28-yard field goal as time expires to give Ripon a 17-14 win over Kewaskum and a berth in the playoffs.
Scoop the Loop returns to Ripon after 25 years
A quarter century after city laws banned cruising, "kids" of all ages flooded to downtown Ripon to "Scoop the Loop" once again.
How fast can this Ripon boy solve a Rubik's cube?
A Ripon youngster has been competing with other speedy cube solvers from around the region. See how fast he can solve a cube on the fly.
Brotherly Surprise: Combat Medic Austin Manke returns home
After 8 months over seas, Army Combat Medic Austin Manke returns home to Ripon to give his little brother a big surprise on his last day of school at Barlow Park Elementary School.
Thai Traditional Dancing at Green Lake
Grins were no stranger to Green Lake School last week Monday morning when the visiting Thai middle school students hosted a presentation on their country and its culture. During the presentation, the Thai students performed several dances in brightly colored traditional garb. They then ushered everyone from the bleachers onto the gym floor into a large circle to learn and practice a Thai dance. As Green Lake students and staff walked around the gym, the Thai girls would weave through the throng, instructing people on the proper hand and arm movements.
Flooding around the Ripon area - March 14-15, 2019
Rapid runoff Thursday has had lingering affects on the Ripon area as creeks continue to process the extra water. Watch as water begins to flow out of far-flung fields toward Ripon, and how Ripon is affected by them.
Brandon Veterans Day 2018
Brandon Elementary/Middle School hosted its annual Veterans Day program Friday, Nov. 9 in honor of those who have served.
Merrill talks about service
Private First Class and 2018 Ripon High School graduate Cody Merrill spoke via a Facebook video during the Ripon Veterans Day program Friday, Nov. 9.
Ripon High School students participate in walkout
Forty students from Ripon High School participated in the walkout today held as part of a national movement to protest gun violence in schools, call for legislative changes and honor the memory of 17 people killed Feb. 14 in Parkland, Fla.
RC women win coin flip to host tourney
The Ripon College women's basketball team react as it wins a coin flip over Cornell to host the Midwest Conference Tournament. The video was taken by Ripon College Sports Information Director Michael Westemeier.
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