It started as a discussion about commercial garbage pick-up and morphed into a debate about a larger issue.

   Should the city of Ripon continue collecting garbage, or hire someone to do it instead?

   Though the latter issue was not noticed as a part of the agenda for last week Thursday’s Public Works Committee meeting, the conversation moved in that direction after about 10 minutes.

   Noticed on the agenda was the issue of commercial garbage pick-up, but as that conversation wrapped up, Public Works Director Mike Ehrenberg asked a question.

   “[The issue of commercial garbage pick-up] can come back, so here’s what I want you to think about [for the next meeting]: My question is, should the city be picking up garbage at all?” he said. “Should it be contracted out? Should the service be done by somebody that does that for a living?

   "The reason I ask that is because, I’m going to come next time with the price for a new garbage truck. We cannot lease anymore.”

Read the full story in the Feb. 13, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.