Ross Krings discusses why specialty feed can be healthier for a pet.
Ross Krings discusses why specialty feed can be healthier for a pet.

   A new business comes to Ripon? That’s a good day.

   But what about when the owners of four new businesses announce their intentions to site in town?

   That’s exactly what happened last week Tuesday.

   At the end of an eight-week entrepreneur program, the owners of four local mom-and-pop shops announced plans to transition their ideas from their dens to downtown Ripon and beyond.

   The owner of a fifth potential business also would have presented, but was unavailable to do so.

   “Craig [Tebon of Ripon Main Street] and Tom [Avery] and I have wanted to do this for a long time, but had to wait until the time was right,” said Mary Avery of the entrepreneur program they just completed. “When we started out with nine [interested businesses], to have five viable business plans ... is nothing short of amazing, and it’s exciting.”

   “When we had our first meeting ... we all sat there and agreed that if we could generate one viable plan, it would be worth eight weeks of preparation and effort,” husband Tom said. “The fact that we have so many of you here today ready to launch and with good plans in place, it’s really fantastic.”

   Over the eight-week course, the entrepreneurs worked together to refine their business plans before, hopefully, using them to open storefronts either in downtown Ripon or elsewhere in the community.

   “There was a lot of synergy among you all ... The downtown can benefit from that synergy,” Mary Avery said.

Read the full story, including details about a new sandwich/ice cream/chocolate shop, pet supply store and vinyl decal store planning to open in Ripon, in the April 21, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.