Phil Manthei details the mission of the proposed museum.
Phil Manthei details the mission of the proposed museum.

   A couple months ago, Ripon lost one of its major tourism draws: the cookie outlet store.

   But the concept may not be gone for good.

   A Ripon man is among those aiming to reopen not only a cookie store in town, but pair it with a cookie museum.

   It’s hoped that these offerings can help lure cookie enthusiasts back to the community for generations to come.

   The concept was unveiled last week Tuesday during a celebration following an eight-week entrepreneurship program held in conjunction between Ripon Main Street and Ripon College’s Creative Enterprise Center.

   Tom Avery, who was among those who worked with the various entrepreneurs, described the cookie museum and store as “a creative way to put Ripon on the map again.”

   “[We’re hoping to] attract people to downtown Ripon,” said Phil Manthei, who is leading the charge. “Ripon Foods [had] an 85-year history here in Ripon ... It was a major employer here in Ripon for many, many years. Of course, now they’re closed.”

   While the store and museum wouldn’t entirely fill that void, he explained, it would recognize Ripon’s heritage as Cookietown USA.

Read the full story, including what you might find inside this museum and store, in the April 21, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.