When it comes to Foxconn, the dice have been rolled, but the final moves have not yet been made.

   That’s the perspective that Tony Evers, a leading candidate to be the Democratic nominee for Wisconsin governor in 2018, is taking on the multi-billion-dollar deal with the LCD screen maker.

   As he sees it, the proposed $3 billion deal with Foxconn also should fund new public transportation options in southeast Wisconsin to provide rides to individuals gaining employment at the planned Mount Pleasant, Wis. development.

   “That’s critical,” he said last week Tuesday as the state superintendent of schools stopped by the Commonwealth on his way to a Democratic event in Green Lake.

   It’s one of many areas he discussed in a wide-ranging conversation that touched on everything from highway funding to the future of the DNR to dealing with the opioid crisis.

   Evers isn’t new to the Ripon area. He’s a Plymouth native who once was superintendent of the Oakfield School District and was administrator of Oshkosh-based CESA 6, which serves Ripon.

   As he sat down at the Commonwealth, Evers noted he recalled working with such local officials as former Ripon Superintendent Mike Heckman and Director of Instruction Tim Gavigan.

  Though Evers rarely took controversial stands during the conversation, he did promise that, if elected governor in November 2018, he would go back to the negotiating table with Foxconn.

Read the full story, in which he discusses everything from his stance on raising the minimum wage to funding for state highways, in the Oct. 26, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.