David Knuth
David Knuth

   The beer business is growing at Knuth Brewing Co. — so much so that owner David Knuth has one eye on the future.

   His other eye? It’s focused on the building across the street.

   In an ideal world, he’d like to acquire 230 Watson St. — better known as the former American House — for a larger brewery, beer hall and beer garden.

   But, as he noted repeatedly, “We are in the very early stages.”

   The “problem” Knuth Brewing Co., 221 Watson St., is running into is it’s doing too well.

   “Our business seems to be growing rapidly; it would be a good, long-term future for our company” to have more space for beer production, Knuth said. “... We’re just thinking long-term it would be cool if we could put in a bigger brewery across the street sometime down the road.”

Read the full story in the March 1, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.