If all goes according to plan, three historic properties in downtown Ripon once considered for the wrecking ball could be saved by three new, separate developments.

   A beer hall, new condominiums and a hotel all could go into existing historic buildings — but only if everything works out.

   None of the three are a certainty at this time, though all three Riponites leading the separate charges are optimistic their plans will work out.

   See links to stories about all three projects below.

   News of the projects began to leak out Monday evening during the Ripon Common Council meeting.

   “Two local business owners have expressed interest in properties owned by the city on Watson and Blossom [streets],” Mayor Gary Will said. “The two individuals interested in the buildings on Watson Street that we have — they’re still working on their project plans and ideas.”

   He described those potential developers as “very serious, interested, serious people ... Very cool projects, I think, in the community and downtown.”

   Though he noted that he could not divulge the names of those developers at that time, it has since come to light that the individuals involved are Ripon entrepreneur Tom Rogers and Knuth Brewing Co. owner David Knuth.

   The properties Rogers and Knuth are considering using currently are owned by the city of Ripon, which obtained them via a settlement with Boca Grande Capital LLC a few years ago.

Read the full story in the March 1, 2018 edition the Ripon Commonwealth Press.