Eleven years ago, Riponfest played its last note.

   Riponfest 1.0, that is.

   Riponfest 2.0? It’s just getting going.

   A new committee of volunteers is in the midst of creating a new festival this summer — Saturday, July 13 — that will incorporate some favorite aspects of the original-generation Riponfest while offering something different for a new generation of festival-goer.

   But don’t expect Riponfest 2.0 to emerge as a fully-formed festival right off the bat.

   “We are starting out smaller this year and using it as a fund-raising event, and then we will grow from here on out,” said Haley Schackow, committee secretary.

   “We really want to snowball it,” committee president Jackie Perkins said. “We don’t want to take on too much right away.”

   That means the event will begin as a one-day event, not the two- or three-day bash of Riponfest’s heyday. But organizers expect to fill that single day with activities from morning ’til night.

Read the full story in the April 11, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.