The Chicago-based Baptist owners of Camp Grow have given their blessing to the $3.75-million asking price of two Green Lake groups.

All that’s left to finalize the deal are a stamp of approval from the state, a last push to reach a fund-raising goal of $2 million and collecting the actual dollars from pledges to close the sale.

And then the 40 lush acres cradled between two lakes will be in Green Lake hands forever.

The 65 churches comprising the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago, which has owned Camp Grow since the 1950s, approved the sale Feb. 3 to the joint project of the Green Lake Conservancy and the Green Lake Sanitary District (GLSD).

With the lower of two appraisals coming in at $3.7 million, the groups also expect to get around $1.9 million in funding from the state to offset half the appraised value (plus some extra bucks as an allowance for expenses).

The two Green Lake organizations, working through what GLSD Administrator Charlie Marks calls the “Conservancy Partnership,” plan to transform the long-time youth summer camp back to a restored, natural state after it has spent nearly a hundred years as a well-cared-for stomping ground for campers.

Read about the plans for the Camp Grow property and the final fund-raising push in the Feb. 15, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.