The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce may have to wait until May before it finds out whether the Green Lake City Council will give it financial aid as the chamber struggles to fund popular events such as Harvest Fest and the Independence Day fireworks.

   At its Monday night meeting, the City Council considered at length whether to override Mayor Jon McConnell’s veto to give $20,000 to the chamber.

   However, the members ultimately decided to table the issue until the fourth-quarter room tax dollars are determined and the city’s audit is completed, which the city will not receive until May.

   Prior to reaching that decision, the City Council heard McConnell explain why he vetoed its decision to wipe out its contingency fund and give the $20,000 to the chamber.

   In a prepared statement, McConnell pointed out the chamber did not guarantee that even with the $20,000, it will be able to host Harvest Fest and the Independence Day fireworks.

   He noted the council’s decision to offer financial aid to the chamber was reached quickly in hopes the town of Brooklyn board would match the funds at its December meeting, but Brooklyn did not choose to do so.

   Read the full story, including how the City Council reached its decision to postpone action on the veto, in the Jan. 16, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.