The Spirit of Green Lake, LLC’s decision to not purchase the Heidel House property has Green Lake City Council members wondering if there is anything the city can do to promote the sale of that property.

   Council members repeatedly posed that question along with other concerns to Mayor Jon McConnell during the council’s Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night.

   Ald. Diana Galster-Kinas, for instance, wondered if the Spirit of Green Lake’s decision was final.

   “Is there any chance that decision is going to change? Or is that 100% done?” she asked.

   Ald. Dusty Walker pointed out it would be up to Fiore Co. to lower its price to attract a buyer.

   “Do we have a way that we can go to Fiore and talk to them [about lowering their price]?” she asked.

   Mayor Jon McConnell noted, “That’s not the government’s job.”

   Ald. Liane Walsh inquired if the city could do anything to make the sale of the Heidel House property more attractive.

  Read the full story, including council members' suggestions to make the property more attractive to buyers, in the Dec. 5,2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.