One month since Fiore Companies announced the closure of Heidel House, the Green Lake City Council attempted to discuss the closing’s impact on room tax.

   However, that proved more difficult for the City Council than expected when items “room tax” and “Heidel House” were removed from the agenda prior to the council’s Monday night meeting.

   During discussion on whether to accept that night’s meeting agenda, Ald. Dusty Walker questioned why those two items were cut from the agenda.

   “I asked to have room tax and Heidel House put on the agenda and I’d like to know why it was taken off,” she said.

   Mayor Jon McConnell explained the items were removed because he was under the impression that they were requested by Liane Walsh from the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and not a council member.

   “It wasn’t asked by you,” he said.

   “Yes, it was asked by me,” Walker countered.

   Read the full story, including council members discussion on if Park and Rec will receive enough money from room tax, in the April 11, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.