City of Green Lake residents may have to wait before they can motor around the community on their golf carts.

   Safety concerns registered by Police Chief Mike Ratter led the Green Lake City Council to table the proposed golf cart ordinance at the council’s Monday meeting. Members will take up the issue again at their March meeting.

   However, before they decided to table the proposed ordinance, the council members reviewed the draft of the ordinance, suggesting changes and concerns.

   City Attorney Dan Sondalle explained instead of drafting an entirely new ordinance and paying to publish it, the city can take its 2015 Maplewood golf cart ordinance and amend it.

   Sondalle noted he tried to include some of the requirements the council members wanted at their Committee of the Whole meeting last week Monday.

   Ald. George King analyzed the ordinance and noted, “I thought we were going to have two headlights and two taillights. This says one each.”

   “Golf carts do not have lights, do not have blinkers, do not have mirrors [and] do not have anything else,” Ald. Jon Smick said. “So again, all the stuff that we’re talking about, we’re trying to modify our golf cart ordinance to make it a low-speed vehicle.”

   Read the full story, including Ratter's safety concerns, in the Feb. 13, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.