Green Lake School District’s goals for the year have been set, including an “aggressive” marketing plan.

The School Board unanimously approved the five goals last week Wednesday:

  • Goal No. 1: Continuously improve student achievement and growth;
  • Goal No. 2: Prioritize and allocate resources with the highest level of fiscal responsibility;
  • Goal No. 3: Implement a comprehensive marketing plan;
  • Goal No. 4: Attract, support, develop and retain the best and brightest staff;
  • Goal No. 5: Increase community engagement and foster ownership through trusting relationships. ...

Board member Meade Grim highlighted the marketing strategy outlined in goal No. 3.

“The [action items] collectively are aggressive, and the timelines are aggressive,” he said of the marketing plan goal. ...

“I agree; it is pretty lofty," Superintendent Mary Allen said. "But, I mean, I’d rather set high goals for ourselves than, you know, more goals."

Read the full story in the Dec. 28, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.