The days before Act 10 may be gone, but they are not forgotten.

According to a committee-conducted staff survey, Green Lake teachers would prefer a “union model” compensation package over a primarily performance-based one.

At the Green Lake School Board’s monthly meeting last week — pushed back to the final day of January — 4K-6 Principal Gina Baxter presented results from the recent survey. ...

Although the process has moved slowly, the journey to a new compensation plan continued forward a little more last week — although its direction took some board members by surprise.

From most important aspect to least, Green Lake teachers felt that their compensation should be based on:

  • Holding an advanced degree;
  • Total years of teaching experience;
  • Total years of teaching experience in the Green Lake School District;
  • Educator evaluations;
  • A four-way tie between: professional development; additional skills and certifications; stipend-based activities; and teaching/leading colleagues with things learned from conferences. ...

“I was shocked to see these results,” board member Loni Meiborg said. “You’d think most people would want to be compensated on their evaluation, meaning they’re performance-driven.”

“This comes from [the] union model,” board member Meade Grim replied ...

Read the full story, including board members and administrators thoughts on the direction of the compensation plan, in the Feb. 8, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.