With drastic changes in temperature during the winter, homes and city properties may have issues with their water pipes breaking.

   As Green Lake Public Works Director Glen McCarty recalls, these issues didn’t always have a quick and easy fix, noting in the past it would take time just to find where to shut the water off.

   “I remember being in a situation where the water had frozen in the house and then thawed out, and we had to find the curb box [or water main curb valve to shut the water off] and it was basically from memory,” he said, adding some past coworkers would have to call each other up and explain where it was to each other.

   “‘You remember where that curb box is?’ “Yeah, you gotta go by that tree and to the left there a little bit’ and then we’d beep around [with a metal detector], ‘Oh, yup, maybe here’ and dig in the snow, in the frost trying to shut it off,” McCarty said.

   He added the time it takes to find the curb box and water valves is greatly reduced now thanks to the new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping.

   GIS is a mapping technology that enables users to create and manipulate maps of a given location, such as the city of Green Lake.

   During Monday night’s Green Lake City Council meeting, McCarty explained the public works department in cooperation with Green Lake County is close to completing its GIS mapping for the city.

   Read the fully story, including the advantages to having the GIS mapping system in the Feb.7, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.