It’s official.

   When Green Lake residents visit the ballot boxes in April, they will see a question from the Green Lake School District asking residents to allow the district to exceed its revenue limit by $4.385 million for the next four years for nonrecurring purposes.

   The Green Lake School Board unanimously approved this referendum resolution at its meeting last week Wednesday.

   The School Board’s decision to go to referendum comes as its authority to exceed its revenue limit to cover operating expenses runs out as the last referendum nears its end.

   In 2014 and 2016, the district passed two successful referenda that allowed the district to exceed its revenue limits for the last six years.

   In the last referendum in 2016, the Green Lake School Board requested the authority to exceed the state-mandated revenue limit by $550,000 each year for two years and then $650,000 each year for two more years after that.

   However, based on a rise in expenditures and projections in revenue for the next four years, the School Board is asking for more than it has in the past.

   The referendum in April would ask voters for the authority to allow the school to exceed its revenue limit by $810,000 the first year, $975,000 the second year, $1.2 million the third year and $1.4 million the fourth and final year.

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