Gov. Tony Evers shakes hands with Ali Stuker, while Lukas Lo, left, and Dustin Lawless watch.
Gov. Tony Evers shakes hands with Ali Stuker, while Lukas Lo, left, and Dustin Lawless watch.

   About two weeks ago, when Gov. Tony Evers contacted Green Lake School, requesting a visit, the school staff were honored.

   When he visited the school Monday afternoon, school staff and students were excited.

   “We were really honored to have him and the fact that he called and asked to come and speak with students,” Superintendent Mary Allen said.

   During his half-hour visit, Evers briefly stopped by Marianne Reininger’s kindergarten class to thank the students for the birthday cards they sent him.

   Afterward, he went to Katie James’ sixth-grade class to hear the students’ International Baccalaureate Exhibition projects on their chosen topics regarding controversial issues, such as preventing trophy hunting, lack of accessibility to education, bullying, suicide, deforestation, the abundant use of plastic, mistreatment of animals in food and drink production along with other topics.

   Allen explained she chose for the governor to visit the sixth-grade class “because they are in the transition period of going from our primary years program to our middle years program and they do such a nice culminating project in the sixth grade. I wanted him to see our students talk about some very controversial topics that the world is faced with and the level of maturity that our students have in the sixth grade to be able to address those topics.”

   Following the students’ presentation, Evers engaged the students in a discussion about their topics by posing questions that probed deeper into their research.

   “Our class was so thrilled with the opportunity to have Gov. Evers visit our classroom and take an interest in our exhibition topics,” James said. “It was great that he had time to interact with the class and discuss our exhibition process and ask questions about our topics. We invited him back to see the finished research project in May. It was a special day for our class to be able to share our learning with Gov. Evers.”

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