Full-time city of Ripon employees do, in fact, pay less than average toward insurance costs among similarly sized cities in Wisconsin.

   But they also earn far less. Far, far less in many cases, according to figures collected by City Administrator Lori Rich.

   So, should city leaders use this information to:

  • Ask city employees to pay more toward health insurance without addressing wages, so that the money can be shifted elsewhere in a tight budget,
  • Consider paying city employees more to reach, or even exceed, the median wage for their position to attract and retain quality employees,
  • Take a different path, such as use savings found in insurance changes to raise wages.

   Don’t expect the Ripon Common Council to easily reach a decision on this difficult topic. Clear divisions arose on the council at Tuesday’s meeting — and it doesn’t appear either side is ready to budge.

Read the full story in the April 11, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.