“What better way to welcome first-year students than books and barbecue?”

   That’s how Ripon College spokesperson Melissa Anderson described the college’s newest addition to downtown Ripon.

   A year after it opened 314: A Project Space at 314 Watson St., Ripon College is working toward bringing another business downtown.

   This time, it’s moving its bookstore into part of the space recently vacated by Gallagher’s restaurant at the corner of Watson and Seward streets.

   Specifically, it will utilize 329 Watson St., the side of the building most recently used as Gallagher’s Pub.

   The adjacent space used by the Gallagher’s restaurant, 333 Watson St., will be filled by J’s BBQ, which opened two years ago on Ripon’s west side.

   Though the two spaces currently are connected via a sliding door, that won’t be the case going forward, Anderson said.

   “Completely separate spaces. [The wall will be replaced] by code because they have a liquor license, so there is no way you can get from one building to the next unless you walk out of one and into the other,” she said, adding, “We probably will create some visibility between the spaces somehow.”

   More important to college officials, however, is what bringing the bookstore downtown will mean both for the community and for Ripon College.

Read the full story, including how the bookstore might cater more to the Ripon community in the future, in the Sept. 29, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.