Tom Rogers
Tom Rogers

   Many have argued that the former Mapes Hotel at 300 Watson St. cannot be salvaged.

   That it’s been beat up too badly inside and must be torn down.

   Ripon entrepreneur Tom Rogers disagrees.

   “It’s an 1860-70 building, and I believe that it should be saved,” he said Tuesday. “I don’t like to tear down buildings we don’t have to tear down.”

   Rogers, maybe with some investors to be determined, is considering acquiring at least 300 Watson St. from the city of Ripon, which has owned it since getting it in a settlement from Boca Grande Capital LLC.

   Rogers’ plan would be to strip it down to the walls inside and turn it into condominiums.

   Such plans are dependent, however, on Rogers coming to terms with the city on acquiring the property. He also needs to finalize a sustainable plan for the site.

Read the full story in the March 1, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.