Andrea Young speaks at Monday's School Board meeting.
Andrea Young speaks at Monday's School Board meeting.

   Tension rose at Monday’s Ripon Area School Board meeting as officials from the school district and Ripon College do not see eye to eye on several issues concerning the proposed new turf for Ingalls Field.

   The issues at the heart of the matter include the length of the agreement between the college and the school district for use of the field, the length of the repayment plan, the size of the overseeing committee for Ingalls Field along with a recommendation to forgive the college’s portion of the cost for the new turf if the college decides to no longer use the field.

   The concerns have arisen as the school district proposes replacing the aging turf next summer.

   Andrea Young, vice president for finance and director of strategic initiatives at Ripon College, addressed the School Board early in the meeting, explaining the college sees the turf installation and the agreement with the school district as “a work in progress.”

   “We’re still viewing this very much as a dialogue and some of the things that we have proposed and that we’ve talked about ... reflect some of the financial realities of Ripon College right now ...,” she said. “But we still value our partnership. We’re open to a lot of different solutions, including reducing the overall cost of the project, including different sorts of arrangements that make the whole partnership palatable to both parties.”

   A few of the recommendations the college would like to see regarding Ingalls Field did not sit well with some School Board members.

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