It’s not unusual to see litter on the grass while walking a dog in Ripon.

   Finding a soda bottle likely used for meth production that you later find out could explode?

   That’s more uncommon.

   Yet that’s exactly what happened for a Ripon couple and their pooch last week Friday.

   When Rick and Sara Retelle came across a Dr. Pepper bottle with tubes sticking out of it while walking their dog near Pleasant Street, not far from their own home, it struck them as unusual.

   “Well, that looks kind of odd,” Rick recalled saying to his wife.

   “That looks like something from an episode of ‘Cops,’” Sara said.

   Not sure of what it was and feeling it was “extremely out of place,” the Retelles called the police to report the strange object.

Read the full story, including more information about the bottle found, in the March 8, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.