A Berlin man who ran away to Arizona with a 15-year-old Ripon girl is now facing 13 charges unrelated to that incident after being found by law enforcement.

   Last week, the FBI located 21-year-old Talin Ross along with the missing girl in Arizona. Prior to Ross and the girl’s disappearance, the FBI was investigating Ross for child pornography.

   With Ross now in custody, he is facing 12 charges in relation to child pornography, stemming from the FBI’s investigation. Two of the charges are child exploitation (Class C felony) while the other 10 are possession of child pornography (Class D felony).

   The charges were filed Nov. 1 in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court.

   The charges are related to when Ross was living in Ripon last year and allegedly stated through a private chat message on a website that he has had intercourse with minors. At the time, Ross was messaging an undercover FBI agent.

   The agent noted in the criminal complaint Ross also admitted to “having assaulted other young girls ... [and] admitted he has a bunch of child porn,” sharing a video with the agent.

Read the full story, including more information about the charges, in the Nov. 14, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.