A rare Tuesday meeting for Green Lake City Council’s Committee of the Whole got a lot rarer this week.

Only three council members showed up to the planned meeting: Ald. George King, Ald. Jon Smick and Ald. Nancy Wells.

Normally, the council is a six-person body, but D’Lene Sandleback resigned her seat last month.

City officials briefly consulted state statutes to check if a quorum was counted by total seats (which is six in Green Lake) or total current members (which stands at five for the time being).

Mayor Jon McConnell read aloud a section stating that even though one or more seats on a council are vacant, a quorum must be counted by the full number of council seats.

Officials canceled the meeting, and the council will reconvene Monday, Jan. 8 for its regular meeting.

Items on Tuesday’s unused agenda included information regarding the planned repainting of the city’s water tower and an agreement for a temporary water system to run while the tower is out of commission.

These items will be taken up at the regular council meeting.