Tom, left, and T.J. Rogers
Tom, left, and T.J. Rogers

   A Ripon family believes it’s ready to do, right away, what Boca Grande Capital LLC could not over the past nine years: redevelop downtown immediately.

   Rogers Rogers LLC — fronted by Tom Rogers of Ripon — purchased five buildings from Boca Tuesday afternoon.

   “We’re closing in escrow,” Rogers said.

   This means the sale is contingent upon another event — in this case, the successful completion of a settlement between the city of Ripon and Boca.

   Assuming that occurs as expected, Rogers and his family’s group intends to re-sell them to local investors right away, provided the purchasers are prepared to rehabilitate the property and fill the space with a viable business.

   Rogers Rogers LLC completed the sale last week by acquiring the properties from Jim Connelly, principal of erstwhile developer Boca Grande Capital LLC.

   Final sale price was not disclosed, but Rogers Rogers LLC also is paying for $115,000 in taxes on the properties that stretch back to 2012.

Read the full story, including what needs to be done to each of the five buildings purchased, in the Dec. 17, 2015 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.