Marty Farrell in Havana, Cuba
Marty Farrell in Havana, Cuba

   Marty Farrell has been all over Latin America in his years as a Ripon College professor of politics and government.

   Such hands-on learning trips have been invaluable as he teaches such courses as “Development and Change in Latin America.”

   “I can get enough to fill up quite a bit of class periods with the information I get from a trip like this — that’s why it’s so valuable,” he said. “I’ve found it very important to have first-hand experience in countries I teach ... I think it brings the subject matter alive for the students.”

   But there’s been one country on whose soil he’d never stepped foot.


   With the trade embargoes in place, Cuba hasn’t been easy to visit.

   Sure, charter planes fly their numerous times a day.

   But to be allowed in the country? You need a good reason.

   The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) finally gave him one. For a week and a half, Farrell and 14 other educators from around America got to meet with experts, educators and insiders in Havana, Cuba, and traveled to sites around the country to see first-hand what life is like inside socialist Cuba.

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