Two Ripon Police officers were honored last week for successfully completing an investigation last year into a particularly complex case.

   Officer Kaylee Haring and Sgt. Lindsey Michels were named “Law Enforcement Officers of the Year” for 2019 last week Wednesday during the annual Fond du Lac County Law Enforcement Executives luncheon.

  They were selected for the award by their law enforcement peers in Fond du Lac County, as was assistant district attorney Kristen Menzl, for their work in charging, and ultimately getting a conviction, in the case of Terry Phelps.

   Phelps pleaded guilty in August to six felony counts involving sexual assault and physical abuse of a child; he originally was charged with 43 counts related to sexually assaulting

   Ripon-area youth and providing them with narcotics.

   He then was sentenced to 43 years, bifurcated into 30 years in prison with 13 years of extended supervision.

   Achieving that conviction without going to trial? That required a lengthy, delicate and complex investigation, according to Ripon Police Chief Bill Wallner.

Read the full story in the Feb. 13, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.