A Ripon man is in stable condition after what was described as a “life-threatening” snowmobile accident that occurred north of Ripon over the weekend.

   Dennis Hielke was flown to University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison last week Saturday with life-threatening injuries.

   According to law enforcement, Hielke crashed into a pickup truck that was on a driveway that crossed a snowmobile trail adjacent to County Road E just north of Ripon.

   “A snowmobile was heading south on the trail [when] a pickup truck [was] leaving from his residence — his driveway crosses the trail,” town of Ripon Police Capt. Howard Stibb said.

   Driver of the truck was Charles Nelson of Ripon, while driver of the snowmobile was Hielke.

   “The snowmobile wasn’t able to stop in time and struck the right front corner of the pickup truck,” Stibb said. “Hielke landed in the ditch after the impact.”

   The crash caused life-threatening injuries, Stibb explained.

Read the full story in the Feb. 6, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.