The Ripon Noon Kiwanis club was given a thumbs-up Tuesday to site its proposed Splash Pad at Riggs County Park, just east of Ripon.

   The Fond du Lac County Board voted unanimously to allow the club to build the ground-based water play area in a grassy area near the park’s Douglas Street entrance, adjacent to the shelter.

   “I’m ecstatic, to the moon,” said Danelle Phillips, president of Ripon Noon Kiwanis. “I’m just excited for the kids of Ripon. For me, to do something like this, is really exciting.”

   The approval means Kiwanis now knows where it can build the splash pad, assuming it raises the $250,000 it needs. That sum will include the price of a well to supply the water for the splash pad, permitting and the splash pad itself.

   “[The ‘yes’ vote] means we have a home to build it,” Phillips said. “It means that the county understands that we would be gifting this to them, and the ongoing expenses would be a part of the normal recreation budget for the county. It doesn’t involve any kind of funding for the project; we have to raise the funds [to build the pad and the well]."