Samantha Fitzpatrick
Samantha Fitzpatrick

   A teacher has resigned from Ripon High School with just five weeks of school remaining for what is being described as her inability to meet job expectations.

   Meanwhile, as a police investigation has begun and rumors have ensued, the Ripon Area School District has taken the extraordinary step of distributing two public statements related to the departure of the teacher, Samantha Fitzpatrick of Oshkosh.

   In a statement released this morning (Wednesday), Superintendent Mary Whitrock explained the district’s position.

   “The Ripon Area School District does not typically comment on personnel matters. However, under the circumstances, we think it is important to address some of the inaccurate information and rumors about the recent resignation of Samantha Fitzpatrick from district employment,” the statement read. “... She voluntarily resigned from employment effective May 3, 2017, after the administration addressed concerns about her unreliable attendance. Any suggestion that her resignation was based on another reason or that she was fired is simply inaccurate.”

   News that the first-year English teacher had left first was shared last week by the Ripon Area School District via a statement to parents of the teacher’s students.

   It read, “This is a joint statement from [Ripon High School] Principal Randy Hatlen and Samantha Fitzpatrick. Samantha Fitzpatrick has changed the date of her resignation from June 9, 2017 to be effective May 3, 2017 ... The administration had several conversations with Ms. Fitzpatrick regarding attendance and she did not meet the expectations set forth. Ms. Fitzpatrick recognizes that continuity is important for students in her classroom.”

Read the full story, with a lot more background, in the May 11, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.