A Ripon teen facing child pornography charges failed to appear in court last week.

   Francisco J. Valdez Lopez, 18, 831 Watson St., was charged Dec. 27 in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court with two felonies, possessing and exhibiting child pornography.

   The charges were brought against him for allegedly showing Ripon High School (RHS) students pictures he had on his phone of underage male classmates’ genitalia.

   Valdez Lopez was scheduled to appear in court last week Tuesday, according to court records, but failed to do so. The court subsequently began the process of issuing a warrant for his arrest.

   After the missed court appearance, Ripon Police were alerted to the situation and Valdez Lopez was removed from school grounds. Until the paperwork is processed, however, Ripon officers can’t arrest the teen who was attending RHS as recently as last week.

   “Ripon High School administration was notified on Thursday, Feb. 1 by Ripon law enforcement of allegations against a student,” Principal Randy Hatlen said in a statement this morning (Wednesday). “Administration brought the student down to the office and made contact with the student’s parents, letting them know that the student needed to resolve the legal issues before a possible return to school.

   “Following the conversation, the student was transported home by Ripon High School administration.”

   A witness informed Ripon Police last June that, while they were attending school, she and a group of other underage RHS students allegedly were shown the pictures of male genitalia by Valdez Lopez.

Read the full story, including details about how the student allegedly obtained the images, in the Feb. 8, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.