J.J. Gutman
J.J. Gutman

   Ripon Area School District’s top financial administrator is no longer with the district, three months before his scheduled resignation — and without paying a contractual $10,000 penalty.

   J.J. Gutman, who has been the district’s business manager since July 2014, left the district last week Wednesday morning.

   He did not return a request for comment by press time.

   In a phone call last week Friday afternoon, Superintendent Mary Whitrock explained that Gutman will use up his vacation time until it runs out sometime in May.

   “And that’s his choice to be able to do that,” Whitrock said. “We’ve never stopped employees from doing that at the end of their time in the district.”

   The sudden departure of the man who oversees the district’s finances comes more than three months before his expected end date of June 30.

   When asked several times when it was determined that Gutman’s last day working in the district would be, effectively, last Wednesday, Whitrock declined to answer and said, “There’s no story here.”

   Instead, Whitrock offered that she “kind of assumed” Gutman might leave ahead of his expected resignation date because he’s looking for a job in the private sector rather than another school district.

Read the full story, including additional comments from school officials as well as an explanation of why the $10,000 penalty for leaving early was waived, in the March 22, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.