It appears the crumbling sidewall of the aged Jackson Street bridge could be repaired in the near future.

   The Ripon Common Council voted unanimously Monday evening to solicit bids for a project that is expected to cost up to $200,000 toward fixing the problem.

   Funding for the work is expected to come from tax increment finance district No. 12, which encompasses the Alliance Laundry Systems area to the bridge’s east.

   It’s hoped the project can move forward soon.

    “This is a perfect time to be putting it together and getting it out for bid,” Mayor Gary Will said, “before everybody gets their [summer] jobs lined up so hopefully we can get somebody to work on it sooner versus later.”

    The city of Ripon long has known that the repairs were necessary.

Read the full story in the Jan. 25, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.