Seen any big cats lately?

   Big, BIG cats, that is.

  Because the DNR believes at least two cougars have been wandering Wisconsin since August.

   And one of them was spotted between Rosendale and Pickett just last month.

   But don’t expect any supersized kitten litters showing up at the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter.

   “At this point, we have no evidence of a resident population in Wisconsin,” said Jane Wiedenhoeft, a DNR biologist who studies cougars.

   In fact, these cats — which the DNR website notes also may be known as “puma,” “mountain lion,” “panther,” “catamount,” “American lion” and “mishibijn” (in the Ojibwe language), besides “cougar” — probably come from far to the west.

Read the full story, including information on how to report potential sightings, in the Feb. 8, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.