When Lighthouse Hospitality shut the door on building a 60-room hotel in downtown Ripon, another door opened a bit wider.

   The idea to build a 30-room hotel associated with the proposed National Republican History Museum could be gaining traction.

   Dan Zimmerman, the public face of the organization that is trying to create the museum, stated a year ago that construction of a downtown hotel would preclude his group from building a hotel elsewhere.

   “To me, you can’t have both. You don’t need 90 hotel rooms,” he said at the time.

   He stands by that idea today.

   “Obviously there is not another hotel in the picture that we’re aware of [now that the Lighthouse project has been rescinded],” Zimmerman said. “Our position is the same: We don’t think we need two hotels right now, so if someone else pops up in the picture ... that would put us back where we were before.”

   But, failing that, his group continues to plan to build its own hotel.

   “We didn’t think that it made sense to build the hotel unless you had a draw,” Zimmerman said, explaining the museum would be that draw.

Read the full story in the Dec. 28, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.