A Ripon woman has been accused of using her apartment as a drug house and having meth.

   Caitlin M. Krueger, 27, 560 N. Douglas Road No. C6, was charged Jan. 12 in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court with two felonies — maintaining a drug trafficking place and possession of methamphetamine — plus misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

   In May of last year, the apartment’s management requested Ripon police presence during a maintenance check on Krueger’s apartment.

   Ripon Police Chief Bill Wallner explained that such requests from apartment managers are not uncommon and usually are made for safety reasons based on past issues at a specific residence.

   “So we had initially entered [Krueger’s apartment] simply as a protective [measure] of the management for the apartment complex,” he said. “We work closely with a lot of the larger apartment complexes with their managers [when they have safety concerns].”

   When officers entered the apartment, they discovered an individual with an open warrant — whom they later took into custody — along with substances and materials they suspected could be related to various drugs.

   Krueger was not present at the time, Wallner noted.

Read the full story in the Feb. 8 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.