America has no hope.

   That could be the summation of an hour-long talk science fiction writer Orson Scott Card offered last week Wednesday at Ripon College.

   Couching his comments in the concept that a good science-fiction writer must understand history, Card explained that history now suggests the United States is not at a crossroads, but already too far down the wrong path to seek a solution.

   “There is no winning hand in this election. There is no vote you can now cast that will save us from potential disaster, and that’s never really been true in American history before. Sometimes we’ve elected the worst guy, nevertheless the worst guy was never as bad as the choices we have now,” said Card, who wrote the popular book “Ender’s Game,” and which he turned into a screenplay for a Hollywood movie. “So we can look at empires, we can look at them as I do as a science fiction writer, and try to find how they rise and fall, what rules apply ... 

   “The problem is, we’re all making this situation up together, and we’re all stuck with whatever answers we come up with. And if history’s taught us one thing, it’s all empires fall, and they all fall at inconvenient times.”

   The worst guy in this election? Card never mentioned a name, but made it clear it’s a Republican.

   “We see a bunch of really angry people voting for the worst human being ever to run for president in the history of this republic, and believe me, there is so much competition for that title,” Card said. “And he’s getting votes from a party that was founded here to abolish slavery. I don’t think he’ll get the nomination; I hope not.”

Read the full story, including Card's tale of what he says is the "most unbelievable part" of his book, in the April 7, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.