When Bridget Vredeveld was 14, she took her first job working at a community-based residential facility (CBRF).

   Back then, she was hired by her mother, Laurie VandeStreek, who managed the business.

   These days, Vredeveld has turned the tables.

   On Aug. 31, she purchased from owners Barb and Tom Reif the Barrett House in Ripon, where her mother is manager.

   But it’s all still in the family — a fact that’s perfect for the quiet, residential CBRF on Ripon’s southeast side.

   Barrett House is located at 632 Hilltop Lane, but one would hardly notice it there without seeking it out.

   Nestled a ways off the street in a building that looks barely different from the houses around it, the Barrett House feels just like any other residential property.

   And that’s just the way Vredeveld likes it.

   “It’s not a nursing home. It’s an alternative when you just can’t be at home anymore — because everybody wants to be at home,” she said, adding that it still feels like home for its residents. “I think they feel like it’s their home as well. They get to know the staff; they get to become family.”

Read the full story in the Oct. 19, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.