A compromise between city staff and Alliance Laundry Systems will mean that the laundry manufacturing giant will be able to build its new dream break room for its employees.

   Though it appeared that a city sewer line along Vermont Street would be in the way, Alliance offered a solution that enabled Ripon’s Plan Commission to OK a site plan for the project last week Wednesday.

   “When we reviewed this ... there was one slight issue that came up ... City Engineer [Travis Drake] is comfortable with [the solution],” Mayor Gary Will said. “... It’s a sewer line that goes through there. We vacated the street when they connected the buildings and built the addition to the warehouse. There’s a sewer main that goes through there ... so they [are going to be] close to that sewer main. So they were going to have to either move the sewer main or shrink the size of the building.

   “... But Travis got on this and worked it out with Alliance Laundry prior to the meeting.”

    Alliance’s solution? Construction, at its own expense, of an upgraded sewer line along the street that will continue to service nearby homes. The new line will be a heavier-duty line with a 70-year life.

   “... We’re going to allow them to do this and put it closer than the restrict[ion of] 10 feet,” Will said. “If at any point down the road there is an issue with the pipe, they will replace the pipe themselves.”

   Drake added the city will continue to retain the utility easement for the line despite the proximity to the building.

Read the full story in the Oct. 26, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.