Idjit’s Dog Grooming is moving out of owner Kris Altwies’ home — but don’t be fooled by her “complaints” about the trip to work.

   “I keep telling my clients: I can’t handle the commute,” she said, laughing.

   Traffic will be the last thing on her mind now as she walks next door to what will become the new location of Idjit’s: 454 E. Oshkosh St., formerly home of Schure’s Dry Cleaning.

   Rather, she likely will be thinking about all the extra space she now can enjoy while grooming dogs, or what will become a spacious waiting area for her clients.

   “I’m very excited,” Kris said. “... It’s getting really too cramped [in my home].”

   The move is expected to occur in late spring 2018.

   Kris has run Idjit’s out of a back room on her house for the past decade. In her house, she bathes, grooms and clips nails on dogs up to about 70 pounds.

Read the full story in the Oct. 26, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.