Owners Tom Polcyn and Heidi Zaehringer don’t deny that they may have one of the most unique business plans in Ripon.

  Rather, they embrace the humor that’s inherent in the dichotomy of The Baker’s Bar, 119 Watson St.

   “You’d be surprised how many people are here buy that [pointing to a rack of baked goods] before they go home. It’s funny,” Tom said. “Saturday night, we sold out of everything: they took pies home, they took [other items]. One guy sat down and ate his cupcakes and cinnamon rolls, and took the rest home.”

   The Baker’s Bar is exactly what the name suggests: bakery by day, bar by night — and guilty pleasures all the time.

   Though it’s only been open a few weeks, new patrons already are embracing the unique combination of items available there.

   Pull up a chair at the bar in the evening, and a customer can enjoy a cupcake and a shot. Or a cookie and a beer.

   And many do.

Read the full story in the Nov. 2, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.