Assuming layoffs are going as expected, only a handful of employees remain at Ripon’s plastic thermoforming plant.

   But it’s unclear whether this is the case.

   Last fall, Spartech announced that it planned to close its Ripon plant, once known as “Creative Forming.”

   That closure included notice that, by the end of December, 45 of its 70 employees would be laid off.

   Sixteen of the remaining 25 would be laid off Jan. 29, and the remaining nine would be let go March 30.

   But calls and emails to the company to confirm whether this process has continued as expected have gone unreturned.

   Spartech’s corporate office confirmed that Casey Cook, an engineer for Spartech, was overseeing this process and would know the specifics of how the closure is going.

   Cook, however, has not returned any messages left for him as of press time.

Read the full story in the Jan. 18, 2018  edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.