Hello or goodbye?

   Those seem to be the only two options long-term at Ripon’s downtown art studio.

   Either fans of paint-your-own pottery, canvas and more will get a chance to welcome a new owner, or they’ll have to bid adieu to the only such place in the community.

   Dabble Art Studio, 311 Watson St., is seeking a new owner.

   Its current co-owners — Margaret Soda and Sarah Sina — are selling the business after being open for just two years.

   But, they emphasize, the sale isn’t a comment on the viability of the business.

   Rather, it’s a necessity after Soda took a job out of town.

   “After the closure of the cookie factory, where I was employed full time, I found myself needing to find other employment,” said Soda, who had been the head of human resources for Ripon’s ConAgra in Ripon. “While I have grown to love the Ripon community, I was offered an opportunity to return to an industry I have a passion for (aviation) and that opportunity takes me to Dayton, Ohio. I recently started work with PSA Airlines as their vice president of human resources.”

Read the full story, with information about how the business has been doing, in the Sept. 8, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.