How long does it take to give away $1 million dollar?

   For the Webster Foundation, just 15 years.

   Rob Webster, who started the foundation with wife Kathy after selling Roundy’s stock in 2001 for more than three times its value, made the happy announcement Tuesday.

   “Today, we will hit the milestone,” Webster said. “Today’s $60,000 in grants will put us over $1 million in grants, scholarships and [other gifts].”

   The announcement came amid the 15th-annual Webster Foundation Grant Presentation, held over lunch (and well-received tirimasu) at Royal Ridges in Ripon.

   Fifty-five gifts were distributed to area organizations in amounts ranging from $100 to Prairie Lakes Universalist Unitarian Fellowship for its 2018 summer camp, to $4,000 to Peace Lutheran School in Green Lake for a new smartboard.

   Though it was the Webster Foundation that provided the money, the family turned the gratitude around toward those organizations.

Read the full story, including a complete list of how much each organization received, in the Feb. 22, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.