Brock Sagmeister works on a Chromebook at the "Genius Bar."
Brock Sagmeister works on a Chromebook at the "Genius Bar."

   Brock Sagmeister has been developing software since he was a freshman. He currently teaches coding to elementary students.

   David Lyke has been running his own Mac repair business for three and a half years, serving more than 100 customers.

   Oh yeah, and they’re both still in high school.

   Now the two seniors are available to help anyone with tech issues at Ripon High School (RHS) and get class credit at the same time.

   But for them and their classmates, it’s even more valuable than that.

   Sagmeister and Lyke are two of 16 students enrolled in a brand-new class that aims to teach them hands-on, learn-by-doing technical skills that could help them advance their future careers — and give assistance to students, staff and teachers throughout the district.

   “[This class], I really think, is one of the most innovative classes that we’ve had in a very, very long time,” RHS Principal Randy Hatlen said to the Ripon Area School Board at its most recent meeting.

Read the full story, including how the students even help teachers at the school, in the Feb. 1, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.