When Ripon got a new joint high school and middle school last year, it got more than two schools in one building.

Because of the district’s charter school counterparts, it really became a four-schools-in-one complex.

Since their inceptions, each of Ripon’s charters — centered around project-based learning — have made their own spaces inside the buildings that house the larger traditional classes.

But with a new look, inside and out, some Lumen Charter High School students and parents found a feeling of ownership lacking when they returned to their space last fall. ...

“The other board members were also disappointed about this ‘new’ look of Lumen and wanted to see a change,” said Pat Grahn, whose daughter, Heidi Gelhar, was one of the school’s first graduates. “We spoke to both [Principal] Randy Hatlen and [Superintendent] Mary Whitrock, and were given a $10,000 budget to improve the looks of Lumen.” ...

To oversee the project, Grahn volunteered someone who recently had redesigned her own home: Ripon resident and interior designer Cathylee Arbaugh of Five Twelve Interiors.

Read the full story in the Dec. 28, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.