The good news: the Ripon Area School District outperformed the state average for high school graduation rates.

   The bad? It fell short regarding students with disabilities.

   This is an issue the district will continue to address as it works toward closing the graduation gap between disabled students and those who are not.

   According to Wisconsin’s graduation rate reports on WISEdash Public Portal, Ripon High School and Lumen Charter High School’s graduation rate for the class of 2018 — 94% — surpassed the state’s average of 89.6%.

   The only subgroup of Ripon students that fell below the state average were those with disabilities.

   Based on WISEdash Public Portal, the graduation rate for Hispanic students in the Ripon district increased 9.1 points over five years compared to the state’s 4.2 points. The class of 2018’s graduation rate for Hispanic students was 90.9% while the state’s was 82.3%.

   Economically disadvantaged students in the class of 2018 had a graduation rate of 83.8%, 3.6% above the state’s average of 80.2%.

   However, students with disabilities in the district had a 2018 graduation rate of 60.0%, which is 8.5% below the state’s rate of 68.5%.

   Read the full story, which includes how the school district is working to improve graduation rates, in the April 11, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.