When he wasn’t flying refueling tankers in Vietnam, U.S. Air Force pilot Tom Mace served on nuclear alert.

   “I’ve stared at Russians across the nuclear fence,” the 1969 Ripon College alumnus told about 40 college students, faculty and friends gathered last week Wednesday in Kresge Little Theatre of East Hall. “And my personal view is that the effects of climate change on humanity and on my children and grandchildren — of which I have four — is every bit as dangerous. This is not playing games. This is tough stuff.

   “And we need to get about the work [of combatting global warming]. If you’re a conservative, in my view, you want to leave something for your kids that’s at least as good as what you experienced. I think that’s a conservative philosophy.”

   Ripon College Young Republicans invited Mace to speak on global warming from a conservative’s point of view.

   Mace, a Wisconsin native who describes himself as a political conservative and conservationist,  is a scientist who has held leadership positions with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NASA. ...

   When it comes to where he stands on the issue of man-made global warming, Mace’s advice is simple: “I feel strongly we need to use data in decisions instead of talking heads.”

   Read about the data Mace presented and his advice on how to solve global warming in the Feb. 22, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.