Two of Ripon’s charter schools continue to rise to the top in state rankings, while their traditional counterparts also rank in the top half and the high-school level schools hover around average.

In the Tuesday release of 2016-17 accountability report cards from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), the Ripon Area School District (RASD) as a whole again was rated four-out-of-five stars, or “exceeding expectations,” with a score of 77.7 out of 100.

The scores of the six individuals schools in the district to receive ratings ranged from 67.2 (three stars) to 93.4 (five stars).

K-2 schools, like Barlow Park and Journey Charter elementary schools, do not receive scored rankings.

Quest Charter Elementary again led the way, receiving a five-star rating of 93.4, deemed by DPI as “significantly exceeding expecations.”

Likewise named as “significantly exceeding expectations,” Catalyst Charter Middle School far and away had the biggest jump of any Ripon school from last year’s ratings, rising nearly 13 points to a five-star 87.7.

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